This page describes the frequently asked questions regarding SIM Card Jepang.

About Service

After purchase, you can use it just by setting your device. It is not necessary to register user information.

Please refer to the enclosed manual for how to set Androis and iOS. You can also check the setting method and FAQ on the website.

* Please access from public Wifi, such as at airports or hotels.

The data capacity and usage period are indicated on the card holder.

The usage period is counted as one day from the day of first communication, and the day is renewed at 00:00 am - 11:59pm, Japan time.

Please perform the first communication by the end of day of the expiration month shown on the card holder or SIM card.

No, you cannot.

If the specified communication capacity is exceeded, it can be used for low-speed communication within the usage period.

No procedure is required. It will not be available automatically after the available period elapses.

No. You don't need to return the SIM card.

No, it is impossible to reissue the SIM card regardless of reason, such as loss, theft, or failure.

No, it is impossible.

However, if an obvious initial failure is confirmed, please contact the company from which you purchased it.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you could not use it during your stay in Japan due to an initial failure, please contact the supplier you purchased after returning to Indonesia.

As soon as the initial failure is confirmed by our system, we will process a refund.

We provide a chat support center in Indonesian and English.


SIM Card Jepang Support Center


Available all year round (9:00am ~ 9:00pm Japan Time)

Data communications and devices

Service available anywhere in Japan.

Network coverage is described on NTT DOCOMO's Web site (Japanese only).

No, you cannot. Use this SIM card only in Japan.

SIM Card Jepang does not stipulate any restrictions. Your device may or may not support tethering, depending on the type of device used. 
In the case of iOS communication may be possible without APN setting depending on the device, but APN setting is required for tethering.

Please refer to the setting APN in Website or Manual for details.

No, this package is designed specifically for data communications and does not support SMS or voice calls.

  • News site top page (Mobile site): approx. 3,410 times
  • Map app (display Google map): approx. 280 times
  • Instagram Photo & Video: approx. 1hr 10min.
  • Instagram Story: approx. 2hrs 20min.
  • FB/TW: approx. 8hrs 20min.
  • SNS Voice call: approx. 5 hrs 30min.
  • SNS Text Message: approx. 15,000,000 characters

To connect to the network, you must mount the SIM card and configure the APN information settings for this service. Please check that the correct information is configured.  * For detailed settings, Please see APN Setting or Manual.

In case you cannot connect even if the correct information is configured, try the following.

  • Did you reboot your device after performing APN settings?      → Please make sure to reboot your device.
  • Has mobile data communications on your device been switched off?      → Please switch it on.
  • Has Flight mode or Wi-fi on your device been switched on?      → Please switch it off.
  • Is data roaming on?      → Set to Off.
  • Are you using a dual SIM compatible device?          → Set the SIM for internet connection to “SIM Jepang”.
  • Are you settings outside of system maintenance hours?       →Please verify system maintenance hours and complete service start procedures outside of those hours. The hours between 10:00 PM on Tuesday and 9:00 AM on Wednesday (Japan Time) every week are system maintenance hours.
  •  If connection is not possible except in the above cases, try removing and inserting the SIM card, restarting the terminal, or reconfigure the settings. (Even if the settings are correct, try to reconfigure the settings once.)
  • It may take some time to establish LTE connection. Please try the above operation several times until the antenna pictogram is displayed.

*Note: that MCC and MNC are automatically entered when the SIM card is installed. However, if MNC and MMC are not entered even if the SIM card is installed, Please rnter “440” for “MCC” and "03" for “MNC”.

This service is a "best-effort communication service," and it may not provide high transmission rates due to radio conditions or heavy traffic. This situation may be improved by restarting the device or reconfiguring the settings. 

Additionally, resident apps may occupy bandwidth and lower the transmission rate. Please check the apps you are using. 


If the specified data capacity is exceeded, low-speed communication will occur during the usage period.

Yes, it is possible. The initial PIN code is 0000.

For details on how to set the PIN code, see the manual of your device.

Contact the SIM Card Jepang Support Center and tell them the serial number of your SIM card.        

* The serial number is written on the card from which the SIM is removed.